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Artist in Residence at Chester Cathedral 2019 - 2024

PGR student at the University of Chester - researching the work of stained glass artist Trena Cox 

I have a lifelong passion for church art and architecture, particularly stained glass and mosaics. This fascination has taken me on many journeys throughout the UK and beyond and has inspired my own artwork. In 2020 I became interested in the work of 20th century stained glass artist Trena Cox (1895-1980), who lived and worked in Chester. Having visited every known surviving example of her work over a period of two years, I am now examining her career as a postgraduate research student at the University of Chester. In addition, I am curating two forthcoming exhibitions exploring her work in my role as artist-in-residence at Chester Cathedral.

Trena Cox: Reflections 100 at Chester Cathedral 7 October - 8 November 2024


Learn more about The Trena Cox Project

Above: St Michael, east window of St Michael, Shotwick. By Trena Cox, 1938

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