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Constellations at Chester Cathedral 

21st March - 24th April 2022

Constellations was an international exhibition of cutting-edge contemporary mosaics held at Chester Cathedral from 21st March till 24th April 2022.

The exhibition included new work by accomplished mosaic artists from the UK, Ireland, Europe and the United States. Responding to the theme of Constellations, the thirty exhibition pieces featured a wide variety of forms, styles, materials and techniques. Two thirds of the mosaics on show were wall-mounted and a further ten exhibits were freestanding works of sculpture with mosaic embellishment. In addition, over 50 international artists contributed to Ethereal, a collaborative installation.

Constellations celebrated mosaic as a living art-form, constantly evolving; and to create an ambitious opportunity for artists to exhibit their work following periods of Lockdown. 

A series of talks, films and visits allowed artists to explore the theme and engage with the art and architecture of Chester Cathedral; providing inspiration even when travel was difficult. Many of the artists explored new materials, ideas and techniques in developing their mosaics, and several pieces reflected upon the experience of the pandemic. 

The exhibition was organised and curated by the British Association for Modern Mosaic (BAMM).  Aleta Doran, Artist in Residence at Chester Cathedral, and Tracey Cartledge, Vice Chair of BAMM, are BAMM’s North-West co-ordinators. 

This video was made to describe the exhibition venue to artists who were considering submitting work. It explores the Victorian mosaics, stained glass and other interesting architectural features of Chester Cathedral. 

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