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St Michael, Shotwick

Updated: Jan 17

The striking image of St Michael used on this website is a detail of the East window of St Michael, Shotwick.

This beautiful church in a small Cheshire village has a long history. It retains its Norman doorway and has a Georgian three-decker pulpit. Other features include the Churchwardens' pew, dated 1709, the box pews, the 17th century communion rail and a 15th century door. There are fragments of medieval stained glass and the East window of the North aisle features a 14th century Annunciation.

The East window above the altar is a vibrant St Michael by Trena Cox. Made in 1938, the window is dedicated to Rev Frederick Ray Wansbrough and his wife Frances Annette. Rev Wansbrough was Vicar from 1902 - 1936.

The design includes Cox's characteristic decorated and shaded quarries, which are always worthy of close examination. Her usual images of flowers and tiny creatures in the landscape around the central figure are replaced by stars representing the heavenly realm of St Michael the Archangel. The wings are described in glorious shades of red, orange and pink, contrasting with the emerald green cloak. The archangel is depicted in the traditional manner as the commander of an army of angels against the rebel forces of Satan, dressed in exquisitely rendered armour and bearing an elaborately decorated sword. St Michael gazes directly towards the viewer, the slain dragon representing Satan at his feet. The window also contains the arms of Shotwick and those of Chester Cathedral.

This interesting church is open daily for visits.

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Jan 22

It is a really fine window, and the church is a well worth a visit for its pews and general atmosphere.

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